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" Exodia the Forbidden One"

"Uria, Lord of Searing Flames"


Extra Cards

Earth Deck

Deck Contents:

Assault Mercenary (Common; CRMS)

Big Koala (Common; IOC)

Celtic Guardian (Ultra Rare; YAP1)

Desert Protector (Common; CRMS)

Gearfried the Iron Knight (Secret Rare; BPT; Back Markings)

Gemini Elf (Ultra Rare; IOC)

Gemini Elf (Ultra Rare; IOC)

Gemini Elf (Ultra Rare; IOC)

Giant Rat (Common; SYE)

Goblin Attack Force (Common; SD5)

Hane-Hane (Common; SDP)

Insect Knight (Common; FET)

Jerry Beans Man (Common; CRV)

Mechanical Hound (Common; CRV)

Mystic Swordsman LV2 (Ultimate Rare; SOD)

Mystic Swordsman LV4 (Common; SD5)

Nimble Momonga (Rare; MRL)

Nimble Momonga (Rare; MRL)

Nimble Momonga (Rare; MRL; Damaged)

Nimble Musasabi (Rare; LODT)

Raging Earth (Common; STON)

Shield Warrior (Rare; TDGS)

Soul Tiger (Common; IOC)

Soul Tiger (Common; IOC)

Soul Tiger (Common; IOC)

Thousand Needles (Common; DCR)

Creature Swap (Common; SD4)

Dian Keto the Cure Master (Common; SDP)

Gaia Power (Common; YSD)

Invigoration (Common; SDK)

Invigoration (Common; SDK)

Lightning Vortex (Common; SD8)

Monster Reborn (Common; SDP; Slight Bend in Corner) FC

Question (Ultra Rare; PGD)

Reload (Common; SD1)

Reload (Common; SD5)

Sogen (Common; LOB)

Embodiment of Apophis (Ultra Rare; SP1)

Torrential Tribute (Common; SD4)

Triggered Summon (Rare; FOTB)

Waboku (Common; SDY)