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" Exodia the Forbidden One"

"Uria, Lord of Searing Flames"


Extra Cards

Water Deck

Deck Contents:

7 Colored Fish (Common; SD4)

7 Colored Fish (Common; SDJ)

Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 (Common; SD4)

Aqua Madoor (Rare; LOB)

Aqua Spirit (Common; LON)

Cloudian - Poison Cloud (Common; GLAS)

Cold Enchanter (Rare; TDGS)

Fenrir (Common; IOC)

Flip Flop Frog (Common; CRMS)

Fog King (Secret Rare; LODT)

Frostosaurus (Rare; STON)

Gagagigo (Common; DCR)

Gogiga Gagagigo (Common; AST)

Great White (Common; SDY)

Humanoid Slime (Common; DB1)

Mad Lobster (Common; CRV)

Mermaid Archer (Common; RGBT)

Mermaid Knight (Common; SD4)

Mother Grizzly (Common; SD4)

Neo Aqua Madoor (Common; SOD)

Nightmare Penguin (Common; RDS)

Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo-Daedalus (Ultra Rare; SD4)

Penguin Soldier (Super Rare; SDJ; Slight Damage)

Revival Jam (Super Rare; LON)

Silent Abyss (Common; STON)

Spined Gillman (Common; RGBT)

Suijin (Common; DB1; Slight Border Damage)

Unshaven Angler (Common; SD4)

Unshaven Angler (Common; DR3)

Weather Report (Common; MRL)

Card Destruction (Super Rare; SDY; Back Damage)

Creature Swap (Common; SD1)

Demise of the Land (Common; LODT)

Field Barrier (Common; FOTB)

A Legendary Ocean (Common; LOD)

A Legendary Ocean (Common; DB2)

Nobleman of Crossout (Super Rare; PSV; Damaged)

Nobleman of Extermination (Rare; PSV; Back Damage)

Smashing Ground (Common; IOC)

Twister (Common; 5DS1)

Dust Tornado (Common; SD2)

Fish Depth Charge (Common; TDGS)

Fish Depth Charge (Common; TDGS)

Fish Depth Charge (Common; TDGS)

Half or Nothing (Common; CRMS)

Horn of Heaven (Ultra Rare; MRD)

Secrets of the Gallant (Common; FOTB)