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" Exodia the Forbidden One"

"Uria, Lord of Searing Flames"


Extra Cards

Wind Deck

Deck Contents:

Birdface (Common; SD8)

Cyber-Tech Alligator (Common; YSDJ)

Flying Kamakiri #1 (Common; SD8)

Flying Kamakiri #1 (Common; SD8)

Flying Kamakiri #1 (Common; DB1)

Garuda the Wind Spirit (Common; LON)

Harpie Lady 1 (Common; RDS)

Harpie Lady 1 (Common; RDS)

Harpie Lady 1 (Common; SD8)

Harpie Lady Sisters (Common; SD8)

Harpie Queen (Rare; FOTB)

Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon (Common; SD8)

Roc From The Valley of Haze (Common; RDS)

Roc From The Valley of Haze (Common; SD8)

Silpheed (Common; SD8)

Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry (Rare; LODT)

Simorgh, Bird of Divinity (Ultra Rare; SD8)

Sonic Shooter (Common; SD8)

Swift Birdman Joe (Common; SD8)

The Tricky (Rare; TDGS)

Wind Effigy (Common; PTDN)

Brain Control (Common; DPYG)

Chthonian Alliance (Common; DP2; Slight Damage)

Elegant Egotist (Common; SD8; Little Mark At Bottom)

Elegant Egotist (Common; SD8)

Elegant Egotist (Common; DB1)

Giant Trunade (Common; SD5)

Harpie's Hunting Ground (Common; SD8)

Heavy Storm (Common; SD8)

Nobleman of Crossout (Common; SD8)

Smashing Ground (Common; 5DS1)

Swords of Revealing Light (Common; DPYG)

Triangle Ecstasy Spark (Common; SD8)

Covering Fire (Common; SD10)

Hysteric Party (Common; SD8)

Magic Cylinder (Common; YSDS)

Scrap-Iron Scarecrow (Common; 5DS2)

Spell Shield Type-8 (Common; SD4)

Spiritual Wind Art - Miyabi (Common; CRV)

Trap Jammer (Common; SD1)